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Drill Bits for Metal

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We offer the highest quality Drill bits for Metal available.

It takes a strong and durable drill bit to pierce metal and consistently drill clean holes. Our drill bits at Hercules Fasteners are tough enough to meet the challenge of whatever job you have in mind. Order one size or a complete set and use our quality drill bits to complete your project.

Quality Drill Bits

Metal fabrication shops often need to drill holes in sheet metal and metal beams to create a space for bolts during assembly. In a setting like this, a reliable drill bit is essential for getting the job done. We understand how tough a drill bit needs to be when it’s used on metal, so we use high grade hardened metals with a sharp spin-cut pattern. These drill bits work very well with variable speed drills and you’ll be amazed by their performance at high speeds. All of our drill bits for metal come in a wide range of sizes in order to suit your needs. Our premium drill bits are even coated with titanium for added protection and durability.

Hercules Fasteners Drill Bits for Metal

When a drill bit is being used to pierce metal at very high speeds, it doesn’t take long for the friction to cause extreme heat. If the drill bit isn’t made using quality materials, it won’t stand up well to this heat and it may warp or dull quickly. However, when you use a drill bit from Hercules Fasteners, you can be confident that you have a tool that won’t give up on you when you need it most.

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Hercules Fasteners has been in business for years, so our experience and expertise has given us the ability to offer amazing products. We are proud to supply many industries across the country with the fastening parts that they need to get their job done. Every day, millions of Americans work hard to keep building our economy, and lots of them are doing it with jobs that would be impossible without the right equipment. It’s our privilege to support the American workforce and supply companies everywhere with fasteners and drill bits that are counted on for all kinds of different applications.

To learn more about our products or get advice from our team of experts, just call today. Our prices are competitive, and we can ship orders of any size across the country and even internationally. Whether you need drill bits, bolts, lock nuts or other fasteners, Hercules is the right choice! Remember - Hercules can help hold it together!