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Tapered Reamers

We offer the highest quality Tapered Reamers available.

  • Standard Flute Car Reamers
  • Fast Spiral Car Reamers
  • Hex Nut, Bridge Length Reamers
  • Hex Nut, Car Length Reamers

Reamers are used to create even holes in metal while at the same time preparing them to be fitted with a tapered reaming fastener that will sit tightly in the hole and secure the metal in place. The most important part of a tapered reamer is the spiral patterned metal that rotates rapidly when the bit is connected to a drill. This edge is what cuts the metal and it need to be sharp and made of high quality material in order to do so.

The tapered reamer is used before a tapered pin. The pin can be made to widen the hole, depending on the pattern, and is driven in manually or - more often - with the assistance of a power drill. Tapered reamers are used for precision joints such as those found in the assembly of an aircraft. These are useful not only because they are strong, but also because the joint can be reamed again and fitted with wider pin at some point during the plane’s lifetime to ensure the strength of the joints and meet safety regulations.

We also offer a variety of special drills to suit unique applications. Our service specialists are ready to help you find the right tools for your application. If you have any questions about our tapered reamers, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. If you’re thinking about placing an order for a specific product, you can also Request a Quote.

Standard Flute Car Reamers

  • Our standard flute car reamers are used to enlarge previously formed or drilled holes.
  • Constructed with a left hand spiral that causes a right hand cut.
  • Designed for reaming of structural steel plates commonly found in truck frames, rail cars, bridges, and pressure vessels.
Standard Flute Car Reamer

Fast Spiral Car Reamers

  • Designed to ream the steel frames of structural steel plates commonly found in truck frames, rail cars, bridges, and pressure vessels.
  • Constructed with special hi-tungsten tool steel, a gold surface treated body, and clearance for maximum lubricity.
  • The fast spiral causes a more direct and aggressive drilling action.
  • This reamer suits the needs of users who prefer a stop collar.
Fast Spiral Car Reamer

Hex Nut Reamers

  • Designed for aligning and enlarging holes in structural steel applications.
  • Used in rotary impact sockets:
    • Shank diameter matches the socket size for the bolt, which is then driven through the reamed hole.
  • Our hex nut reamers have a hex bolt pattern on the end so that they can be used with high powered drills and wrenches for structural purposes.
  • Gold treated for maximum lubricity.
  • These reamers come in several different lengths, each being optimal for a different application.

Hex Nut Reamer


  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Structural construction
  • Aerospace
  • Steel fabrication

Made in the USA

At Hercules Fasteners, we offer tapered reamers that are made right here in the U.S.A. using the best metal materials for the job. We’re proud to supply some of the most critical industries in our country with precision reamers that help them get the job done. Whether you’re reaming structural metal plates or using reamer pins for the frame joints of a car, Hercules Fasteners will provide you with an all American product that you can trust.

To learn more about Hercules Fasteners Inc. and the quality products that we offer, click here. We look forward to being your tapping utility supplier.